General sales conditions

Prices are on Canadian dollars :

The act of placing a purchase order involves the formal acceptance of our terms of sale. To place an order to buy, it is mandatory  created an account on

Order form :

The order is an agreement on the product sold and its price and like any contract, binding on the parties. Therefore, in case of refusal of delivery, the purchaser may be forced by any means to accept delivery and in any case the selling price will remain due.

When the purchaser wishes to be delivered at home by carrier, you are obliged to accept the goods and bring the necessary unloading equipment (eg forklift, pallet lifts, etc.). Any dispute, either in quantity or quality of the goods, shall be null and void if it has not been the subject of specification on the carrier's delivery. These reservations must be confirmed within 3 days by registered mail to the carrier.

Terms of payment :

Billing and payment are made via the Paypal, Desjardins account, or by credit card on the day of the pruchase. Equipanimal retains full ownership of our goods until full payment of the bill, which authorizes us to demand the return of our goods, including partial payments. Our retention of property will be effective against the purchaser as well as any potential buyer.

Shipping :

Shipping charges are the responsibility of the recipient.

Repair and warranty :

For all repair or warranty work, we require to be notified us by email or phone that you will be sending back a product for repair. Send the material by prepaid means,  to the address posted on the "Store Information" at bottom right on this website. The equipment repaired by us or by any subcontractor will be send back to you with no freight cost.

Delivery times :

Unless specified in a contractual delivery date of the order, the buyer can not complain of any delay in delivery or take this pretext to justify a refusal to supply.

The products with the mention "Product to order" and "Time extension: 10 at 15 days" (10 to 15 working days)  are from our French supplier, this date is approximate, it may vary according to the availability of the product with our supplier and the time of transport.

Use of our products :

All our products are used under the sole responsibility of the purchaser, who is required to check in advance the terms and conditions stated on the record label or any accompanying document, and respect regulations.

Any products many be retourne only if they haven't been open or/and use. The buyer will have to pay the transportations fees. The client will not to refunded but he will have a credit that will able then to buy other products.